Swimming Pool Accessories: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Post Date : December 14, 2022

Swimming pool accessories are tools or equipments which help in maintaining the pool and enhance the appearance of the pool. They also improve the performance of the pool and also improve its safety. Some accessories such as cleaning chemical are essential and while other items such as fountains are luxury. While it is necessary to have the accessories that are essential it is optional and your choice to decide whether you require the luxury accessories. Find Office & Hygiene Solutions, the leading swimming pool accessories suppliers in Dubai have different accessories for maintaining the pool. If you are looking for cleaning chemical suppliers in Dubai, you can browse through our site and product catalogue.

Pool Cleaning Chemicals

Chemicals and chlorinators are important accessories for maintaining the cleanliness of the pool and to keep the pool free of microorganisms. A pool which is not cleaned regularly is a hub of disease causing microorganisms. While administering the chemicals you have to check certain things. For instance only according to the size of the pool you should use the quantity of chemicals. Taking into consideration such things will help you to choose the appropriate chemicals for the pool. Find Office & Hygiene Solutions the best swimming pool accessories suppliers in Dubai, have different types of swimming pool chemicals.

Pool Cleaning Tools

Having a cleaning toolkit will help you in cleaning the pool and keep the pool’s appearance nice. Along with automatic pool cleaner you can get pool vacuum hose and vacuum head, skimmer net, pool brush, leaf gulpers, leaf rakes, pool poles, skim bag, pool scrubbing mitt, pool stone cleaning blocks etc.

Pool Thermometer

Swimming in very cold water and very hot water is not desirable hence pool thermometer can be used to determine the temperature of the water and also to correct the temperature. Also for chemicals to be effective the right temperature is important. There are different types of thermometers available and you have to choose the appropriate one according to its function and your requirement.

Pool Covers

Pool covers makes the pool stay clean and neat. It prevents the entry of outside object and debris into the pool. It also maintains the temperature of the pool. There are different types of pool coves available and you have to choose the suitable pool cover according to the pool type.

Pool Pump

Pool pump is an essential accessory of a swimming pool. The pumps push water in and water out of the pool. The pumps have components which cleans the water. Before buying the pump check the speed of the different pumps, the type of your pool and also the horsepower of the pump.

Pool Water Hammocks

Hammocks are not essential but it can make your pool time more enjoyable. It lets you to float on the surface of water and you can spend a relaxing time on water. Pool Hammocks are also easy to store since they can be inflated and deflated easily.

Goggles, Masks and Fins

Goggles, masks and fins aids in swimming. Goggles keeps your eyes safe from water while pool fins helps in the movement and pool masks offers a clean vision while swimming.

Pool Lights

Pool lights can be fixed to give enough light during night time and it can also be installed to give an ambience and an attractive look to the pool.

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