Why Workplace Refreshments Are Key to a Happy and Productive Office?

Post Date : December 14, 2022

You may have noticed last week that we shared an article implying your workplace may not be doing enough to appease your staff. We wanted to provide an in-depth analysis of the problem and the ways in which you can improve the situation. Your business is more than just a place to work, it’s an environment that impacts a person’s mental and physical health. Put simply, workplace refreshments can help considerably.

According to study, it has noticed that the employees came back to work after short or long holidays in a bit of a depressed state. It is estimated that the lack of worker enthusiasm for January costs the UK economy a whopping £93 billion a year, so whilst the ‘January Blues’ are inevitable for many of us, it’s clear you need to do all you can to improve your workplace. After all, it is estimated that we spend around a third of our lives at work, so it’s an environment that can make or break our health and overall wellbeing.

However, a survey carried out by Staples has found that businesses just aren’t doing enough to keep their workforce happy. And the stats are particularly concerning.

One in five workers describe their workspace as depressing.

81% of workers say their office space has an impact on their mental health.
68% of workers would feel more valued at work if their organisation invested in their workspaces.
46% of workers believe they’d be happier in another job altogether.
31% of people are ashamed of their workspace.

Staff wellbeing is a major component of a happy workforce. Professor Sir Cary Cooper, an expert in workspace happiness and author of ‘Wellbeing: Productivity and Happiness at Work’ says “work can make you sick – and work can make you happy. Which one depends on who you are, what you do and how you are treated at work. So, an improvement in staff wellbeing can be a catalyst to the development of workspaces that encourage happiness, fulfilment and productivity.”

How happy are your workforce?

But how do you go about doing this? It doesn’t have to complex in the slightest. 49% of people said having access to healthy snacks was a must, 27% of respondents remarked they’d like an office dog, whilst 23% of those surveyed stated they’d like to be using higher quality stationary. In another interesting statistic, a quarter of workers believe their office is too cramped…

Jeanette Bresitz, Head of Merchandising at Staples UK, says workplace happiness is all about mixing the right level of physical space and a workplace that encourages the employee to grow and develop. Your employees, whether you know it or not, are key to the success of your company and it’s vital to show your appreciation. Your workplace will go a long way in both retaining and attracting star employees, so don’t ignore the issue.

Workplace refreshments can help…

Have you ever thought about other ways you can improve your workplace? You may be using the kettle for your hot drinks run, but there is a better solution. Having access to high quality workplace refreshments will show your workforce that you care for their wellbeing. You only have to look at the popularity of the coffee shop to see how much we value a premium hot drink. Installing vending equipment in your workplace will leave a grand impression on your staff and clients, with beverages enhanced using fresh coffee beans and fresh milk.

Meanwhile, our Micro Market transforms your workplace into a refreshment hub that is stemmed around the wellbeing of your workforce. The Micro Market is the revolution in workplace refreshments that remains years ahead of its time, providing a self-service convenience store in the heart of your workplace. Extensive refreshments for the working day and beyond, including healthier items, are available alongside advanced technology. We can even tie your market into your break out area, to promote a relaxing time out and enhancing staff engagement.

If you’re workplace is one that employees don’t enjoy being in, they’re probably looking for an escape as soon as they can, such as break times or dinner time. That can severely impact productivity, so keep your workforce happy by implementing premium workplace refreshments.

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